At Woodfield Primary School we recognise the crucial importance of studying the English language. We want pupils to leave our school as independent learners who are confident in all strands of learning. 

We strive for them to have the ability to speak fluently and write legibly, with the appropriate use of Standard English, in order to communicate their thoughts and ideas succinctly. We also wish to foster an enjoyment of reading and to widen their repertoire of reading materials, including non-fiction, poetry as well a range of fiction, including examples from our literary heritage. We believe that this will help our children to deal more successfully with other curriculum subjects, while enriching their lives beyond school. The teaching and learning of language skills are, therefore, given a high priority in our curriculum. 

We understand that despite new forms of oral and visual communication, the written word is more important than ever in economic and social interaction.  As the world becomes more complex, we need to equip our children to be able to use reading and writing effectively to thrive in their daily lives. Reading literacy is needed to function well in adult life, whether in fulfilling personal goals, progressing in the labour market or participating more widely in society. Pupils who enter adult life with low reading skills have fewer life chances and we must do our utmost to eliminate this from our children’s futures.


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