Subject Intent

To engage pupils at Woodfield Primary School in systematic enquiry into significant human questions which religion and world views address, so that they can develop the understanding and skills needed to appreciate and appraise varied responses to these questions, as well as develop responses of their own.


Subject Progression

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By following the Doncaster Agreed Syllabus Units, children are encouraged to work collaboratively but are always given opportunities for independent reflection of their own experiences and beliefs.

The expectation is that the RE curriculum is taught for the equivalent of one hour per week per half term to ensure full coverage of the five units of work for each year group.

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Home Learning


Phase What are children learning this half term? How can I support my child's learning at home?

Early Years

(Nursery and Reception

Special people

Watch Let’s talk about families. Who is special in your life? Can you think about what makes them special to you?

Year 1

This term we are thinking about Sacred Places


Watch. Celebrating Holi. What is Sumehd’s sacred place? Do you know any other sacred places?

Year 2

This term we are thinking about: How and why do we celebrate special and sacred times?

Watch Celebrating Eid al Fitr. Why do you think Amirah and her family celebrate Eid? Do you celebrate a special time?

Year 3

This term we are considering why people pray.


Why do you think prayer is important to Muslims? Do you know anyone who prays?


Year 4

This term we are thinking about: Why Jesus is inspiring to some people.


How do you think Jesus has inspired the people behind the organisation Christian Aid?

Year 5

This term we are discussing: What would Jesus do? Can we live by his rules in 2023?


How do you think Christians know what Jesus would do? Do you think they can live by his rules today? Why?/Why not?

Year 6

This term we are considering the question: Is it better to express your religion in art & architecture or charity and generosity?


Can you do some research and find out about an example of religious art or architecture? What can you find out about a local charity in Doncaster?



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