Subject Intent

Geography at Woodfield is designed to allow our children to leave Year 6 with an understanding of the diversity of the world we live in and how we as humans can impact changes upon it at a local and global level. Children will understand the human and physical aspects of the world?and how and why these change over time. They will be given the skills to confidently read and interpret maps, atlases, and globes in order to explore the environment around them. Our geography curriculum will enable our children to have the skills and knowledge to become informed global citizens. 

Subject Progression

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Home Learning

Phase What are children learning this half term? How can I support my child's learning at home?

Early Years 

(Nursery and Reception) 


In the Early Years, we develop skills and knowledge in areas within the Early Years Curriculum that will support children’s later Geographical studies. This is through providing experiences and teaching opportunities within Understanding the World in People, Culture and Communities and The Natural World. 

Noticing and describing changes that happen outside.

At home, you can also explore the garden or local area. Talk about the changes and similarities in the outside world (eg- weather, changes to the trees and plants, animals I might see) 

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) 

Year 1 - UK and capital cities 

Year 2 -Continents and oceans 


Can you create your own UK capital cities song or continents/oceans song?  

Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4) 

Year 3 - Mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes  

Year 4 - Rivers and the water cycle 



Draw a diagram showing your learning of mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes or the water cycle. 

Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6) 

Year 5 -North America Year 6 -South America       

(North America)  


Can you amaze your teacher by gathering the most amount of facts from these videos? 

(South America)  





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