Subject Intent

Computing at Woodfield Primary School will ensure that by the time children leave at the end of KS2, they will be able to safely and responsibly work with a range of digital technology-based software and hardware to see the impact that technology has on our lives and the wider society. Our children take part in learning with safe, real-life application processes so that they understand the digital systems that ease our lives, expressing their digital literacy using ICT.

E-safety is a principal theme that is embedded throughout our curriculum as the children become increasingly aware of their interactions with technology and the wider world. Ultimately, the children of Woodfield Primary School will leave KS2 with knowledge of how to be safe members of the digital world beyond our school with confidence.


Subject Progression

Click to view our Computing Subject Progression from EYFS to Y6


At Woodfield, Computing is planned collaboratively between cohort classes in-line with the National Curriculum 2014 objectives and the Computing Progression Document. All lessons are underpinned by Woodfield’s pedagogy outlined on the Curriculum Map. The Rose Learning Trust’s approach to E-Safety is delivered through Gooseberry Planet, which supports learning about online safety in a unique way, by joining the student, teacher and parent together through an online game (App) and the concept of gamification, as part of structured learning programme.


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Home Learning


Phase What are children learning this half term? How can I support my child's learning at home?

Gooseberry Planet (E-Safety Platform) – Purple Mash (Computing Platform) –



Early Years


Using Technology



Technology is really good for recording the things that we are doing. Using a tablet, phone or camera take a picture of your
favourite thing to do when you are at home. Ask a grown up to email it to school so we can talk to you about it.






Which people could you speak to if you felt worried, sad or angry about something on the internet?


Year 1

Purple Mash Unit 1.3



How can data be represented? What could you use a pictogram for?


Gooseberry Planet


Protecting our information online is vital, so challenge yourself by thinking about how passwords are used and how to create a strong, secure password by playing Gooseberry Planet, Game 3: Perfect Passwords


Year 2

Purple Mash Unit 2.6

Creating Pictures


What style of art have you explored using 2Paint? What are the main features of Impressionism, Pointillism and Surrealism?


Gooseberry Planet


Not everyone tells the truth online, so challenge your thinking about what to consider before accepting people as online friends by playing Gooseberry Planet, Game 4: Fake Profiles


Year 3

Purple Mash Unit 3.4

Touch Typing


Why should I have a good posture at the computer?  What are the benefits of typing certain keys with certain fingers?


Gooseberry Planet


What is personal information? Understand what app permissions are and how to control them, as well as understanding ways to avoid sharing personal information online by playing Gooseberry Planet, Game 3: Staying Private


Year 4

Purple Mash Unit 4.6



What is an animation? What is meant by the term stop motion animation?


Gooseberry Planet

Let’s think about how to reduce the risk of bullying online by careful communication and keeping personal information private by playing Gooseberry Planet, Game 4: Sharing Safely


Year 5

Purple Mash Unit 5.4



What is a database? In what ways can you sort information in a database?

Gooseberry Planet

Whilst online it’s tempting to share your location, so let’s understand how connected devices can collect and share information about us and how to use them safely by playing Gooseberry Planet, Game 3: Location Sharing


Year 6

Purple Mash Unit 6.4 Blogging

What is a blog?  What can a blog be about?  How are the audience involved in a blog?


Gooseberry Planet

Let’s look at how to recognise and respond to extreme, tempting or emotional promises by playing Gooseberry Planet, Game 4: Extreme Promises


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