Subject Intent

Computing at Woodfield Primary School will ensure that by the time children leave at the end of KS2, they will be able to safely and responsibly work with a range of digital technology-based software and hardware to see the impact that technology has on our lives and the wider society. Our children take part in learning with safe, real-life application processes so that they understand the digital systems that ease our lives, expressing their digital literacy using ICT.

E-safety is a principal theme that is embedded throughout our curriculum as the children become increasingly aware of their interactions with technology and the wider world. Ultimately, the children of Woodfield Primary School will leave KS2 with knowledge of how to be safe members of the digital world beyond our school with confidence.


Subject Progression

Click to view our Computing Subject Progression from EYFS to Y6


At Woodfield, Computing is planned collaboratively between cohort classes in-line with the National Curriculum 2014 objectives and the Computing Progression Document. All lessons are underpinned by Woodfield’s pedagogy outlined on the Curriculum Map. The Rose Learning Trust’s approach to E-Safety is delivered through Gooseberry Planet, which supports learning about online safety in a unique way, by joining the student, teacher and parent together through an online game (App) and the concept of gamification, as part of structured learning programme.


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Home Learning


Phase What are children learning this half term? How can I support my child's learning at home?

Gooseberry Planet (E-Safety Platform) – Purple Mash (Computing Platform) –



Early Years


Using Technology


Have a look around your house and see how many thing you can find that need you to push a button or switch to make them work. Why not draw a picture of all the things you find?




We have been talking about who we would go to at school or home if we saw something that made us feel scared or unsafe. Can you tell your group up all the people who are trusted adults for you?


Year 1

Purple Mash Unit 1.9

Technology Outside School


What is technology? How does technology make our lives easier?


Gooseberry Planet



Let’s explore how to respond safely to new people online by playing Gooseberry Planet, Game 1: People Online


Year 2

Purple Mash Unit 2.5

Effective Searching


How can you search the Internet? What you do use it for in school and out of school?


Gooseberry Planet

What is personal information? Let’s think about why it is important to protect it and how to do so by challenging ourselves to play Gooseberry Planet, Game 2: Personal Information


Year 3


Purple Mash Unit 3.5 – Emails

What is email?  What information can I send in an email?

If you receive an email that makes you feel upset or scared, who could you tell?


Gooseberry Planet

Whilst playing games online it’s tempting to add new friends, so let’s think about what you should consider and who to ask before accepting people as online friends by playing Gooseberry Planet, Game 1: People Online


Year 4

Purple Mash Unit 4.4

Writing for Different Audiences


How can font size and style affect the impact of a text?


Gooseberry Planet


Most people access the internet every day in some form, so let’s ensure we know how a Digital Footprint can affect your reputation and think about ways to protect and enhance it now, in preparation for the future by playing Gooseberry Planet, Game 1: Digital Footprint


Year 5

Purple Mash Unit 5.8

Word Processing


What is the word processing tool used for? If a document was unreadable, what features can you use to modify it?


Gooseberry Planet

Building on prior learning in Year 4, explore the purpose of privacy settings and how to reduce contact from others by limiting the personal information in our digital footprint by playing Gooseberry Planet, Game 1: Digital Footprint


Year 6

Purple Mash Unit 6.3 Spreadsheets

What is a computational model and what can it be used for? If you were going to use a spreadsheet to plan your dream holiday, what data would you collect to cost the trip?



Gooseberry Planet

Emails are a popular way to communicate with people globally, so it’s important that we recognise and respond safely to junk email (spam) and identify ways of reducing the likelihood of receiving junk email by playing Gooseberry Planet, Game 2: Junk Emails


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