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At Woodfield we value every aspect of learning especially the Arts.  Our school Choir has been established for over ten years and plays a pivotal role in making our children rounded members of society.  There are many benefit to singing it’s good for you emotionally, physically and socially.  The children in our choir share lots of laughter and fun together as well as learning the art of good discipline and listening skills. 

Singing in the choir is open to all children in Key Stage 2.  It’s an activity that every child can participate in and for those who traditionally don’t excel in theoretical academic subjects it’s chance for them to shine.  Each year around Easter we audition every child in Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 with every child having the chance to join in.  Then the hard job comes of choosing a maximum of 40 children for the following academic year to be in the choir. 

Throughout the year Choir attend many events and competitions.  We are proud to say that we are currently the holders of the Don Valley Festival cup taking first place.  In addition we were placed 2nd at the Robin Hood Festival.

Mrs Miller our Assistant Head leads on the school choir and works closely with Mr Mellors, Musical Director and Mrs Mellors, Vocal Coach from Rainbow Connection Choirs.  Leading by example Mrs Miller sings in their adults choir and sets the standard for the children every year when they see her on stage performing too!

Throughout the year many of our children are awarded a “Golden Ticket” from Rainbow Connection which gains them entry into their Junior Choir who have competed at many competitions and even The Royal Albert Hall.  They can also go on to undertake musical grading in singing with Mr & Mrs Mellors.

Alongside the school choir Mrs Miller also leads the central Trust Choir on behalf of Helen Harrison, CEO of The Rose Learning Trust.  Every year Mrs Miller alongside Mr & Mrs Mellors tours round all the Trust Schools and they audition from their existing school choirs and choose up to 6 children from each choir to join in with the central Trust Choir who meet once a month.  We are proud to say that this year the Trust Choir won the Music For Youth heats in Doncaster and performed at the Royal Albert Hall at the school proms – a totally magical experience!

To find out more information about Rainbow Connection please visit: Choir | UK | Rainbow Connection (rcchoirs.com)

Securing 2nd place at the Robin Hood Festival March 2024

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A Choral Christmas at Doncaster Dome December 2023


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