Anti-Racist School Award

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Woodfield Primary School is an Anti-Racist school.


Our Vision

At Woodfield Primary School we want to ensure that our community is a place where all children and their families feel safe, seen, represented and understood. We want all our staff to challenge racial inequality whilst educating our children to speak out when they experience adversity or prejudice. Through educating and modelling awareness, inspiring curiosity a conscious effort is made to amplify and celebrate the achievements of non-dominant cultures.


We are an anti- racist school and work hard to promote this through our school ethos. This we feel is important because it helps learners to understand and realise their own rights and the rights of others within the school, within the community and globally. It helps learners to understand the harmful consequences of racism and encourages them to actively challenge it wherever it occurs. It helps to ensure that the learning environment is an inclusive one, without racial inequality or racism. Learners are empowered to develop an understanding of their own values, beliefs and cultures and those of others.




A place where we belong and are
inspired to succeed and thrive.

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