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Our school is a larger than average sized school, catering for pupils in the age range (3-11 years) and there are currently 380 pupils on roll. The vast majority of pupils live within the catchment area of the school. There are 2 classes per year group and pupils are taught in mixed ability classes.

Balby is a large suburb of Doncaster. Many pupils live in areas which contain significant pockets of deprivation characterised by high unemployment, low average incomes, poor housing and health. The proportion of pupils eligible for free school meals is significantly higher than the national average at 38%.  91% of pupils live in the 20% of deprived areas based on the Indices of Multiple Deprivation, and 91% of pupils have parents unemployed or with low skills sets. Balby is in an area of high deprivation, both in comparison to other Doncaster suburbs and also nationally. It is integral to our bespoke curriculum we address pupil’s Cultural Capital to ensure they have a wide range of understanding, experiences and knowledge.

The school has increased significantly in size due to being a Good school at the Ofsted in 2016 and 2019, and attracted many new pupils due to the attainment of pupils but also the inclusive child – led approach to education. The school is now 2 – form entry in every year group, with a morning nursery. We have also increased the Pupil Admission Numbers from 50 to 54 per year group to accommodate the waiting list and shortage of places in the area. In 2013 there were 301 pupils on roll, rising to 356 in 2019 to 365 in 2021 and we now have 380 pupils (July 2023) pupils on roll currently.

The majority of pupils are white British with 31% speaking English as an additional language. We currently have 29 languages spoken in school (May 2023 Census).

The main area of Special Education Need is Social and Emotional, with an increasing number of pupils requiring support to manage their social and emotional needs and mental health. We have 17% pupils with SEND Support Plans and 1.3% of pupils (5) have an EHCP (June 2023). We follow the Graduated Approach to SEND. We are a Thrive school and this positively supports all pupils with their social and emotional development and recognition of their own emotions and self.

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Attainment on entry is well below typical expectations for 3 year olds, and generally pupils make at least good progress throughout school an attainment is in – line with National by the end of Key Stage Two. Generally, boys attain lower than girls until the end of Key Stage One and then the gap diminishes. Across school by the end of Key Stage Two the gap has generally diminished between Pupil Premium and non – pupil premium pupils as well.

Woodfield Primary School believes that there are no barriers to attendance or learning. We are solution based and focus on the whole child and their development as a responsible and active member of society, with reading at the heart of their journey. 

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We are a founding member school of The Rose Learning Trust, and firmly believe in `Transforming Futures Collaboratively’.  We work very closely with the trust and trust schools; collaborating, seeking support and offering it in order to ensure we are open – facing, utilising strengths and also enabling quality Continuous Professional Development for all staff and leadership quality assurance.

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At Woodfield Primary School we are passionate about Initial Teacher Training and quality mentoring for Early Career Teachers and we are a leading ITT school in Doncaster. We ensure all staff are supported and empowered to enable them to support pupils in every aspect of school life, but also to flourish themselves and see their career and strengths through leadership opportunities across the school and Trust.

We pride ourselves in the opportunities we offer pupils, such as daily clubs, including Ukulele, Choir, Sports, Arts and a free Breakfast Club. We actively engage with opportunities to support or develop pride in the local area, and we are an integral hub of the community. 


At Woodfield Primary School we believe positive and supporting relationships are vital and we firmly place children at the centre of all actions and decisions.


The responsibility for policy creation and management is shared between the school and The Rose Learning Trust.


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School Contact Details

Woodfield Primary School,

Gurney Road




Tel: 01302 853289

Email: [email protected]

Head Teacher: Kate Hallam

Deputy Head Teacher, SENCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead: Nicky Fallon

School Business Manager: Jayne Miller

Chair of Governors: Mrs Rosie Baldock

Vice Chair  of Governors: Mr Nigel Simpson



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