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Helen Harrison : Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Harris : Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Deborah Temperton: Chief Projects Officer

Amy Skelton: Chief Financial Officer


We are a Trust founded on a shared belief that the best interests of children should be at the heart of the future of our schools. Our Trust was founded by the Head Teachers and Governors of two schools who shared this belief and wanted to take the necessary steps to ensure that this was at the forefront of our educational futures.

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Our focus is ensuring that all of our children have the best tools and support to learn and grow in a safe, enjoyable environment. We acknowledge that results are not the full picture. If pupils do not enjoy school or do not gain the life skills to make the most of their qualifications, success might evade them. We aim to provide an environment in which children can develop wholly, not just academically.

We are committed to maintaining the autonomy of our academies. We seek to support and challenge each other to improve the outcomes and life chances of all the children across the communities of the Trust, whilst respecting the aspects of practice that are distinctive to our individual communities.

Our motivation is sustainable, mutually accountable collaboration and school improvement, focusing predominantly on how this will raise standards of teaching and learning for our pupils. With effective collaboration, good practice and the sharing of resources, we aim to broaden the future opportunities of both our pupils and staff.

Our aim is not only to grow our Multi Academy Trust (MAT) successfully but also sustainably. We believe that through quality, not quantity, we can facilitate opportunities for our Trust that can be invested back into the people who will secure our future: pupils and staff.


Currently The Rose Learning Trust Consists of 9 schools:

Richmond Hill Primary Academy (founding Trust school)

Woodfield Primary School (founding Trust school)

Balby Central Primary Academy

Hatchell Wood Primary Academy

Crowle Primary Academy

Owston Primary School

Lakeside Primary School

Town Field Primary School

Scawsby Junior School

For more information on The Rose Learning Trust please visit the website:

The Rose Learning Trust

Alternatively you can write to:

The Rose Learning Trust

Central Office
Stevens Road


Tel: 01302 782421
Email: [email protected]

Academy Accounts

The Accounting Officer of the Academy is required to report on Best Value each year as part of the governance statement within the audited accounts.Academy Accounts

The purpose of the statement is to provide Accounting Officers an opportunity to demonstrate to parents and the public that the Academy Trusts use of public assets and funds has provided good value for money during the year and to identify opportunities for potential improvement.

Value for Money is about achieving the best possible educational and wider outcomes through the economic, efficient and effective use of all the resources in the Trusts charge.

The financial year for our school now we are an Academy runs 1st September to 31st August each year.

Please see the Rose Learning Trust website for financial information:  The Rose Learning Trust







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