Subject Intent

At Woodfield, we celebrate that there are over twenty different languages spoken by our children throughout school. We know that by sharing and celebrating these diverse languages, children (regardless of their cultural background) will never feel isolated; in fact, they will feel part of a wider school community where there is an opening to many other cultures around them, deepening world understanding. We teach French at Woodfield Primary and it is our intent that this teaching and learning fosters further curiosity of languages and provides children with a solid foundation for studying further languages at KS3.


Subject Progression

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Home Learning


Year Group What are children learning this half term? How can I support my child's learning at home?

Year 3

La Jolie Ronde lesson 5-8

·        Revision of number 1-10

·        Ask and state age

·        Colours

·        Names of fruits

·        Easter

Year 4

La Jolie Ronde Lesson 8 – 14

·        Family members

·        Songs

·        Short stories

·        Pets

·        Easter

Year 5

·        days of the week

·        months of the year

·        revision of number 0-50

·        fruit

·        breakfast

Year 6

La Jolie Ronde Lesson 8 – 14

·        phrases

·        adjectives

·        prepositions

·        requests

·        days of the week/months of the year




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