New to Nursery and Reception September 2023

We want to wish a very warm welcome to Woodfield Primary School for all the families who will be joining us in Nursery or Reception in September 2023. This page is just for you and we hope you will find it really useful in helping you to find our all about our Early Years unit. 

Over the next few weeks we will post lots of useful information including links to give you all the information you will need as part of the transition process. We hope that we will be able to use this page to keep you as up to date as possible with information about your child starting school and even some fun activities for you to do with them.

UPDATE 6th JULY 2023:

Today is the final video our series all about getting ready to start school. We hope that you find time to spend watching these alongside your child and that they are supportive in showing your child what school life will be like. This series is based on being ready for school and each one has a different theme.


We are looking forward to your child's transition Doorstep Visit and Stay and Play sessions. Dates for these were sent out at last week in a letter that was handed out to children currently attending Woodfield Nursery or who have siblings in school, or sent in the post for those new to us. It is important that you engage in these to ensure that your child is familiar with the adults and the setting before they start properly.


UPDATE 30th June 2023:

Today is the third in our series of 4 weekly videos all about getting ready to start school. We hope that you find time to spend watching these alongside your child and that they are supportive in showing your child what school life will be like. This series is based on being ready for school and each one has a different theme.
Here is the third video 'I know I am ready to start school because I know who the grown ups in school are.'


UPDATE 23rd June 2023:

We hope that you enjoyed last week's I am ready videos. This week we are going to learn how to keep ourselves safe and well at school. This video includes information on toiletting. In the email you received we shared a link to the NHS advice page on toilet training. If you feel you need more support with your child's toiletting needs then please get in touch and we can help signpost agencies that will help.



UPDATE 16th June 2023:

Today we shared the first of our 'I am ready...' videos via email. This series of videos will ensure you and your child know everything they need to know before starting school in September.





If you need any more information in the please contact Mrs Watson, Head of Early Years, directly by emailing: [email protected]


We know that it is important that the children are also supported to begin to find out about what school will be like for them so over the next few weeks we will be updating this page with a weekly video for you to share with your child. This will support them developing key skills they will need as they enter school.

The first step in your child's transition journey is our Welcome to Woodfield Transition Video. Please click on the link below to watch.




An important part of the transition into school for your child is helping them to become familiar with the adults that will be working with them and beginning to learn their names and recognise their faces. To support your child with this here are our teaching team sharing some of their favourite stories for you to enjoy. Starting school often brings with it lots of big feelings and these stories by Tom Percival area great way to support children to understand and manage their emotions. 


Ruby's Worry by Tom Percival read by Mrs Watson:



Ravi's Roar by Tom Percival read by Miss Clark



Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival read by Mrs Kenny 

We believe that it is really important that you know as much information as possible about what and how your child will be learning during their time in our Early Years unit. We will deliver a paperwork packet to you when we come for our Door Step Visit in September which will contain a paper copy of our 'New to...' booklet for you to read. It is important that you spend time going through the booklet as it contains all the information you will need ready for your child to start with us. We have attached both booklets below in case you would like to read them before you get your paperwork packet. Simply click on the appropriate image below to access the booklet:


New to Nursery.PNG
Click to view the New to Nursery Booklet


New to Reception.PNG
Click to view the New to Reception Booklet





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