Curriculum Organisation

We strive to ensure that children learn and develop key skills alongside knowledge (ensuring that both are intertwined). To achieve this, we have developed a thematic curriculum that allows teachers to focus on sequential knowledge and progressive skills - we believe that this is important for making our curriculum relevant and meaningful to our children.

We understand our key responsibility to develop the literacy and numeracy skills of all of our children. Using the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile and National Curriculum as a basis, age-appropriate progression and knowledge for each core and foundation subject has been identified by subject leaders.

This has subsequently been mapped out to ensure the coverage of identified knowledge is secure from EYFS through to the end of Key Stage 2. We have carefully selected the sequence of when, what and how knowledge is taught and subject leaders work actively to review this on a regular basis.

As part of our curriculum design, we aim for the following outcomes:

  • the development of sequential and progressive learning, where pupils know more and can do more by building on what they have been previously taught
  • the inclusion of local contextualised learning which enriches the lives of pupils
  • a thematic curriculum that also enables children to learn about individual subject disciplines and subject-specific skills
  • a broad and balanced curriculum
  • a clear purpose for assessment
  • clear curriculum leadership and ownership for all
  • increased stakeholder engagement at all levels such as staff, pupils and parents

We have designed our curriculum to include three key drivers that each topic will focus upon over the year.

Discover: Through discover, children access the academic discipline of Humanities, where the majority of skills and knowledge taught is through Geography, History and Religious Education. Explore: Through Explore, children focus on scientific knowledge and enquiry skills. Create: Through Create, children develop knowledge and skills in all of the arts subjects such as Music, Art and Design, Design and Technology and Drama.

Subject Progression

We place a great importance on the sequence of learning. Our subject leaders have carefully designed the progression of knowledge and skills in each of our taught subjects from EYFS through to Year 6. You can find our progression maps on our Curriculum Subject pages. 



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